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Another concern from a seller today. He says so when I bought this house I picked an inspector from a list I was provided by my realtor.  The inspector was at this house for 45 min. 2200 sqft log cabin with a crawlspace. Thought that was normal until he saw the inspection I was doing that took me 3.5 hours at the house not including finishing the report in the office. Then told me he definitely wanted to hire me to do an inspection on the house he is purchasing. Moral of the story is no matter what size house you are buying an inspection cannot be done in 45 min. I have done well over 8000 inspections and I have never done an inspection under an hour and a half and that’s a small new construction. Well I guess it can be done because I have heard this from several people. There are inspectors out there doing 45 min inspections. A seller/ friend told us the guy that inspected the house he’s selling 4700+ sqft was there 45 min. Do your research when getting a home inspector. Do not look for the cheap guy because he is probably going to be that 45 min guy. You want a thorough inspection and that needs to be an experienced and qualified inspector with construction back ground. The inspection business is flooded in our area. Anyone can get an inspection license by taking some classes and passing a test. No background in construction is needed. I built houses for 15 years before I got in to the inspection business. I have done every part of the construction of a house from the foundation to the shingles. Even installing the septic systems. Do your research tell friends and family to do your research, don’t just go off a list you were given and don’t go for the cheapest. And if BPI (Scott Boyle ) is not on the list you were given. Question your realtor and ask why the most thorough and experienced inspector is not on their list or companies list of  recommended inspectors. Call today and let us schedule you for your next home inspection. We are a premium inspection company. We are the most experienced and qualified company in the area. Ask any realtor around and they will tell you we are the most thorough. We are hired to tell you everything that’s wrong with the house as well as share with you the good news of the house you are purchasing. We do our very best to inform you and educate you about any issues present or issues that could occur in the future if things are not repaired or replaced. Call today 870-761-0819.

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